Customer FAQ

Recently Bell Aliant completed its purchase of Ontera from the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission (ONTC). Bell Aliant operates in select Ontario communities under the Bell brand as well as KMTS, DMTS, NorthernTel.

Please refer to the FAQ to address frequently asked questions.

Will I still pay my bill the same way?
Yes. Any changes required for bill payments will be reflected on your bill and communicated to you well in advance.

Will I need to change phone numbers, services, or anything else about my account?
No. Customers will keep their same telephone number and email address and the same features, long distance services, wireless and Internet services. Any changes will be communicated well in advance.

If I get an Ontera and a Bell bill today, will I get one bill for all services after the merger?
No. There are no plans at this time to merge the services into one bill. Any changes to bills will be communicated to you well in advance.

What new products will you offer?
We will build on the solid foundation Ontera has and look at what additional products and services we can bring to the table down the road.

Will product prices go up as a result of this transaction?
We have no immediate plans for rate increases. Any future price changes would reflect changing regulatory and competitive environments, and changing product and service mix. Should any changes be required in the future, they will be communicated well in advance.

If I have a question about my recent Ontera bill, or want to change my Ontera services, who do I call?
In addition to information on our website, you call the same numbers as you do today. Any future changes to your sales or customer care contacts will be communicated to you well in advance. The best way to reach Ontera is in the following ways:

Toll-free: 1-888-ONTERA (1-888-566-8372)

Email: customer.service@ontera.ca