Ontera is a fully integrated telecommunication company, offering a wide range of telecommunications and IP-based solutions, including Internet, long distance, local voice, data and information technology services throughout Northern Ontario.

Ontera strives to be a recognized leader in creating prosperity in the North by providing innovative, competitive telecommunications solutions.

Our role as a telecommunications provider began with the building of telegraph lines, linking communities that grew up along Ontario Northland’s railway lines as far back as 1902.

For years O.N.Telcom (former name of Ontera) was the long distance provider for communities along the Highway 11 corridor and provided local service to the communities of Moosonee, Moose Factory, Temagami, Marten River and Iroquois Falls. Recently Ontera has expanded its service offerings and geographical coverage. We still provide local service to northern communities, but now offer a full range of telecommunications products and services including Data and Internet.


Our coverage area now includes North Bay, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie and communities from Huntsville in the south, to Marathon in the west and continues to expand services in its traditional Northern territory. This is a geographical coverage area of over 200,000 sq. kms., with approximately 550,000 people.

Ontera has an excellent track record working with multiple local and long haul telecommunications carriers and technology providers to assemble comprehensive, reliable, advanced telecommunications solutions tailored to the needs and budgets of users.

At Ontera we are committed to “Connecting the North™”. We are proud to be a Northern Ontario company, contributing to the economy and helping it grow. Working with businesses, government and community leaders, Ontera is involved in creating programs, foundations, services and events specifically designed to secure, support and propel Northern Ontario’s place in the world.