High Speed Internet access is an important business tool. Whether doing research, managing email, communicating with suppliers or customers, the Internet is the way to do it.

Ontera offers a number of Internet Services each with the features that Northern Ontario businesses told us they need the most.

Ontera delivers reliable, economical and FAST Internet service

Download Speed¹512Kbps6.0Mbps6.0Mbps
Usage Limites UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email Accounts101020
Modem RentalIncludedIncludedIncluded
Technical Supportcheckcheckcheck
IP Address1 Dynamic1 Dynamic1 Static

Communities Served:

Iroquois Falls
Marten River
Moose Factory
Tilden Lake

Dynamic versus Static IP Address – What’s the difference?

Companies needing to set up a firewall, operate a VPN, have a web or mail server or run an application server, will require a Static IP Address. Contact an Ontera Sales Consultant for more information.

Internet Service is available where technology permits and speeds may vary at some locations.
Final determination of availability may require a location check.

¹Speeds may vary with your equipment, configuration, Internet traffic, server or other factors.

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