Ontera Setup

Email Information

Incoming Mail: pop3.ontera.net
Outgoing Mail: smtp.ontera.net

Helpdesk Hours of Operation

The Helpdesk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Helpdesk: 1-888-5-ONTERA (1-888-566-8372) Option #3

Troubleshooting Suggestions:

If you want to try some things on your own before calling us, we have found these two steps often solve a number of problems.

  • Reboot your computer and try again
  • Check all wires and connections

We want to help you solve any problems you encounter as quickly and easily as possible. So before calling the Help Desk, please remember to:

  • Write down any error messages that appear
  • Make sure your computer is on
  • Be sitting at your computer when you call