Le tarif d’Ontera

Instruction On Use

There are three parts to the Ontera Tariff

PART A is the General Tariff for the company

PART B deals with the community of Iroquois Falls

The tariffs been split into sections to simplify searching and downloading

To find an item, it is recommended that you:

Download the Table of Contents and Index (for the tariff you are interested in)
Use the “Find” function to do a word search for the item you are looking for.
Once you know the section and page the information is on, then open that section and go the appropriate page.

Ontera General Tariff – CRTC 25520

Ontera General Tariff – CRTC 25300

Formerly « Abitibi-Consolidated Telephone System »

Ontera Access Services Tariff – CRTC 25521