Call Answer (Voicemail)

Ontera is making changes to its voice messaging service. Beginning Tuesday June 14, 2016, all voice messaging in the following communities will be upgraded to our new Call Answer system,

Community Exchange
Temagami (Lake Temagami, Bear Island) 237/569
Moosonee 336
Moose Factory 658
Iroquois Falls 258
Marten River (Tilden Lake) 892

After the upgrade, you will have a new mailbox.

To ensure a smooth transition, we encourage all current subscribers to set-up their new mailbox and password prior to the implementation date indicated above. Details for a quick mailbox set-up of the new service are provided below.


Quick Set-up

1. Call the access number for the new Voice Messaging Service system

Starting on June 14 2016:    *98 from your telephone line or dial 1 877 235-5777

2. When asked for your mailbox number, enter your 10 digit telephone number. (Area Code and Local 7 digit number)

3. When asked, enter your temporary set-up password.

4. Select a new permanent password that is 6-15 digits long and enter it.

Your password cannot

  • Begin with 0
  • Match your telephone number
  • Be the reverse of your telephone number
  • Be a single repeating digit
  • Be a series of consecutive ascending or descending numbers

5. Then follow the instructions to record your name and personal greeting until system responds with “mailbox is now ready for use”.

Your Call Answer service is now ready and waiting to answer your calls.

 Call Answer at a Glance