Local Telephone Service

Ontera is more than a Long Distance telephone company. Ontera’s Local Home Phone Service gives you everything you need, plus a little more.


Available in these following exchanges, Iroquois Falls (258), Temagami (569/237), Marten River/Tilden Lake (892), Moosonee (336) and Moose Factory (658).


Call Display – $7.00/month
-Call Display feature will display the name and number of the caller (must have a display function on telephone) letting you identify everyone who calls you, except callers using privacy features.

Call Answer – $8.00/month
-Call Answer automatically takes messages whether you are unavailable to answer the phone or already on the line, without the cost and maintenance of a separate answering machine.

Call Waiting – $6.00/month
-Call Waiting is like having two lines in one because it notifies you of incoming calls when you’re on the line. Call Waiting gives you a soft “beep” to alert you when someone is trying to reach you.

Call Return – $6.00/month
-You can obtain the telephone number of your last caller, along with the date and time of the call, whether or not it was answered. You can return the call with no added charge. Reach the person who called easily and conveniently. If the other phone is busy when you call back, Call Return continues to try the other number for half an hour. Your phone will ring in a distinctive way when the other line becomes free.

Three-Way Calling – $6.00/month
-You can initiate calls to both parties or add another party to an established call. You even have the option of speaking with one person while the other is on hold. It’s a simple way to set up conference calls between friends and family, any time, any where.

Call Forwarding – $6.00/month
-This feature allows you to forward your incoming calls to another phone number.

Call Screen – $6.00/month
-This feature allows you to screen incoming calls, based on a predefined list you create. You can modify the list at anytime. Your phone doesn’t ring with “screened” calls, they are simply re-routed to a polite message.

Ident-A-Ring – $6.00/month
-Ident-A-Ring service gives you a second phone number on your existing phone line without the extra line cost. It’s not an extra line, but a feature that allows the telephone to ring differently.

Visual Call Waiting – $10.95/month
-See the name and number on your phone screen while you are on another call. Visual Call Waiting combines the benefits of Call Waiting and Call Display in one integrated service. A special tone will alert you that another call is coming in.

Powerful Calling Features to save you time. Call 1 888 5-ONTERA (1 888 566-8372) and subscribe today!