Ontera Setup

Email Information

Incoming Mail : Pop3.ontera.net PORT 110

Outgoing Mail : smtpa.ontera.net port 2225 (Uses authentication but no SSL)

If you are out of the country and you cannot send emails, you might need to change the outgoing server to smtpa.bellaliant.net Port 2225.

If you are using Thunderbird and the current configuration does not work for outgoing, try using this secondary server: Smtp.ontera.net port 25 without authentication.

You may also access the webmail through https://webmail.bellaliant.net/

When you are on the phone with one of our technical support agent, they can try to assist you Via remote control (meaning they will control your mouse and keyboard) You may begin this process by going to ; nt.net it will redirect you to https://fastsupport.gotoassist.com/

Helpdesk: 1-888-5-ONTERA (1-888-566-8372) Option #3

Troubleshooting Suggestions:

If you want to try some things on your own before calling us, we have found these two steps often solve a number of problems.

  • Reboot your computer and try again
  • Check all wires and connections

We want to help you solve any problems you encounter as quickly and easily as possible. So before calling the Help Desk, please remember to:

  • Write down any error messages that appear
  • Make sure your computer is on
  • Be sitting at your computer when you call