Accessibility Services

What are your rights as an Internet customer?

Watch this video about how the Internet Code enhances consumer protections for Internet customers. Watch more videos describing terminology commonly used in internet contracts. Videos are presented in American Sign Language (ASL) with English captions and an audio voiceover.

IP Relay Service (by Internet)

IP Relay service is the next generation of relay service in Canada. It uses the familiarity of online chat applications to make communication easier for deaf, deafened and hard-of-hearing people and those with speech disabilities.

IP Relay users connect to specially trained operators through chat sessions in the IP Relay portal. The operators place phone calls on their behalf and facilitate conversations.

IP Relay service operators are available 24/7. Calls are entirely confidential and operators follow a strict code of ethics. No record of conversation content is retained.

For more information contact  or call 1-888-566-8372.

Availability Limitations:

Important 9-1-1 Limitations:

Bell Relay Service (BRS)

Bell Relay Service enables a person using a keyboard-type device (i.e. TTY) to communicate with a hearing person or vice-versa over the telephone network. A specially trained operator assists in the placing or receiving of calls to-from persons using a keyboard-type device.

The BRS operator acts as a communication link over the telephone. When the hearing person speaks, the operator types the message so that it appears on the disabled person’s TTY. When the disabled person responds, the operator voices the message to the hearing person.

Users of Bell Relay Service are eligible for a 50% discount on long-distance calls made within Canada and billed to their phone number.

The Bell Relay Service also gives you access to emergency services such as firefighting, ambulance and police. There is no charge for local calls.

If you want to communicate with a TTY/TDD user you can with the help of Bell Relay Operators.

* TTY Telecommunication devices for deaf/teletype machines only.

Operator Assistance for TTY Users

This service is available to the person with a functional limitation that prevents it from dialling a phone number, but who can dial “0” to reach the operator by mentioning “special”. The operator dials for this person and also offers a free 411 service. If it’s a long-distance call, billing for this call is at the same rate as an automatic long-distance call.

To benefit from this service, please call free at 1-800-855-0511.

Directory Assistance charge exemption (people unable to use directory)

Customers with disabilities that prevent them from using a directory may be eligible for NorthernTel’s no-charge directory assistance option. This option only applies to directory assistance calls placed from the customer’s residence or business line. To qualify, customers must provide a letter of recommendation from a physician or representative advocacy group indicating that they are not in a position to use a directory.